Vtube UAC Bypasser Activex (Vista - Windows 7)

The Demo version of Vtube is available for download:
(Last Update: Monday, September 21, 2009 )

Full Setup(with demo projects): ftp://ftp.mesnet.com/VtubeFullSetup.zip
Activex Setup: ftp://ftp.mesnet.com/VtubeSetup.zip
Only Demo projects Setup:ftp.mesnet.com/VTubeDemoApps_setup.zip


Vtube is an activex for developers who wants to have always full admin rights and more without having to request passwords when UAC is enabled..

  • Simple to use with all programming tools,Studio .NET VB6 (ActiveX ).
  • Demo project for VB6 and Visual studio .NET shows how to use the activex
  • ----------------Functions and Properties -------------
  • Test If already in Admin Mode
  • Protect Application-s from Killing through task manager
  • Hide application-s from Tak Manager(processes)
  • Kill application-s you like ,even protected ones(if you didnt hide them before)
  • Prevent application-s from running, (They will be closed immediatly as soon as they start)
  • Hardware Info ,cpu base board serial number etc.
  • Start other applications in full admin mode,For example Excel Can read and save to C:\Windows.
  • Write and read from registry,no limits,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and others.
  • Copy Move files anywhere you want.
  • Get HardDisk Serial Number.
  • Create Serial Numbers.
  • Hardware Serial Number,Unique to your application and easy to control.
  • Simply Download Install and work with it, no configuration etc.
  • XP , Vista and Windows 7 tested.
  • Demo Applications shows How easy it is to us,with VTube No more trouble with UAC :)).